Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Summer of Love -- 40th Anniversary

"Almost cut my hair," mused singers from the sixties. Crosby Stills Nash and Young in the album DEJA VU. Keeping long hair was an article of faith -- the song is about being tempted to set aside independence and indivuality; after all, it was 1970 and the sixties were over; time to bow to the pressures of family and employer to present a conventional appearance to the world. So it was nice to see this couple at the huge gathering in Golden Gate Park. Great hair.

(I personally kept my hair as long as it would grow -- about the middle of my back -- until late in the 80s, when my lover died. Later it grew grey and wirey, so I keep it shorter now.)

I had hoped to take a sort of tie-dye census, but my injured ankle was still bothering me and it was VERY hot, so I stayed put and didn't take a lot of photos. Still, I did manage to catch a shot of this nice shirt.

This man brought a broken TV set, some sort of old dresser as a stand, a box that he stood on, and a lot of props. He set up a station next to one of the park sidewalks, and performed a constantly-running show through the whole afternoon. He had a weather helicopter, cars, traffic pictures...very entertaining. I didn't catch his name though, so if anybody knows who he is, please let me know.
-- Rachel

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