Wednesday, October 31, 2007


In red, me as Dame Edna. Green facepaint, my coworker Yvonne. Duo: me and my witch puppet Miss Agnes (from Folkmanis)
-- Rachel

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkins have been achieved

I've been too busy to remember to get pumpkins for Hallowe'en. I raced into Trader Joe's this evening just as it was closing, and managed to score two: a small "desktop pumpkin" and a larger (perhaps 10 inches in diameter) porch pumpkin. Now I have to carve at least one of them, so I have it ready to put out the second I reach home tomorrow. I can carve the second one during the early evening tomorrow. In my old neighborhood, I'd carve them early and put them up on the porch roof, but here, they would just be smashed tonight or tomorrow before the trick-or-treaters even arrived.

I wonder if I can carve the larger pumpkin to look like Elvis?

-- Rachel

Blue AC Transit tunnel

The four views are: Approaching the tunnel from the SOMA side; Looking up into the tunnel ceiling; Inside the tunnel, looking east; Looking south.

The AC Transit Building in San Francisco (sometimes known as the East Bay Terminal) is so large it spans several cross-streets. The tunnels thus created are pretty ugly, full of dirt and pigeon droppings by the homeless people who spend a lot of time in the terminal. So I was pleased to notice, over the past several days, a serious effort to clean up one of the sidewalks, and even some fresh paint on the adjacent pillars. Tonight, I saw what they were aiming at. All the fresh white paint reflects bright blue LED light, brightening up the whole affair. Here's how it looked around 8 pm this evening, looking towards Market on Fremont.

--Rachel Holmen

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