Friday, June 17, 2005

Trying to whip the garden into shape

Georgia Bluets

Karl Lagerfeld Rose


With the help of a man in my neighborhood who will pull weeds industriously (though for what seems an outrageous amount of money), my front yard is looking better these days, and I have invested in some plants, mostly plants that have blue flowers. Phacelia, commelina, penstemon, Georgia bluets, Chinese larkspur, lobelia. Interspersed are white flowers -- mostly bacopa, which trails nicely, and some yellow fllowers. I've bought a few purple flowers as well -- lavendar and a morning glory variant. As I plant things, I put down mulch cloth around the plants, and then add small rocks. It's astounding how many rocks you need, actually. I have bought several hundred pounds and clearly I will have to arrange for them to deliver a ton to the driveway before I am done. -- Rachel