Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MacWorld 2008

A quick summary of some of the nifty stuff at MacWorld 2008, now happening at Moscone South and West. I thought these were fun, or interesting; your mileage may vary. Many of the prices quoted are available only at the show, or perhaps for a week or so afterwards. -- Rachel Holmen

SD chip that wifi's your pictures from your camera to your computer (avail center back of main hall, behind the big apple logo), sorry, I didn't get the vendor name -- probably eye-fi.

3-D mouse from Logitech -- SpaceNavigator, $60 (3dconnexion)

Download uTube videos to any MP4 player -- [Probably the most fun thing I saw, but it needs OS 10.4 and I only run 10.3.9]
Video tagging:

Recover files in damaged SD or other camera/PDA/MP3 player chips --

Computer advice from John Cleese:

A printer for $279 that would fit into a shoebox; puts professional-looking color printing on your inkjet-printable CD or DVD. Cartridges are $40 and good for approx 100 disks. (Can you imagine taking one of these to a family reunion?). Dymo Discpainter

$60 Mac webcam, USB 2 --

Turn your house wiring into a network:

Sort of like Lojack for your Mac or iPod: GadgetTrak and bak2u anti-theft software

$50 drawing software for Mac: lineform from; this firm also makes SoundStudio 3, for audio editing

Etch your mac or ipod (

Add a removable plastic skin, with an image on it, for your mac or gadget (approx $30)

Remember hypercard? See tilestack

Capture a series of screenshots, add text -- voila! Documentation! --

Similar to above: link pix, audio, video, text: memory miner,; also showmacster from

Run windows software on a Mac without having a Windows license:

Print really nice-looking books and calendars:, also

Screensaver world map, complete with light and dark areas, city lights, etc. EarthDesk4 from

File conversions: Images -- see LemkeSoft. PDF to InDesign: recosoft ($229 show special)

Web design: See also

A decent-looking bluetooth headset: (and their business card can be planted)

Call a number and dictate something; it will email you the text (perhaps a reminder to buy milk on the way home): or

Web browser: FLOCK

$50 desktop publishing: iStudio Publisher from

Want to get rich from your fabulously popular podcast? Contact podtrac, which will link your podcast to advertisers.

Also check out ubercaster, which helps create and edit podcasts.

Database for ordinary people: BENTO from FileMaker.

Idea mapping:

Put your screen on somebody else's (I believe this works online or at a the desktop): GLANCE.NET

Internet filter for content: getK9

Charging your gadgets: iVolta wireless charging from Taylor Technologies -- sorry, I couldn't find a link -- set your device on this metal grid, and it charges! You can get a charger plate for a desk or a car.

Or use a conventional connector, but go solar: [I'm buying one] Good show specials, not available on the web.

Digital rights management, asset management -- docmoto, libsyn, mavricmedia

the Napping Lounge

And of course, a million accessories, cases, earphones, etc. for an iPhone

Old favorites:

Online training from
Roxio for CD and DVD burning software
AmbrosiaSW (games, audio editing "Wiretap Studio" and "iToner", video editing SnapzProX)
ToonBoom Studio 4 -- animation software
Frogpad -- type one-handed -- USB keyboard approx $130
Nisus Writer -- word processing that's not from Microsoft
Office suite or standalone apps:
the John Lennon bus -- it's a complete recording studio