Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Disaster Recovery and Net2

I'm attending NetTuesday, whose topic is Disasters.

Ephrat Bitton from iCare has made a presentation about how they match donors outside a disaster area, with requests from inside it. Jesse Robbins, who headed a Katrina relief team, argued that donations of small items, and trips INT0 the area, were liabiliies for months afterward. iCare is forging parnerships w/ orgs such as shipping companies.

Humanlink is giving a talk--Jonathan Thompson -- onhow they help improve telcom for disaster relief teams. From simple steps like de-virusing local servers in aid offices, to caching internet content on those same servers, Thompson and his associates have smoothed and speeded up disaster relief. One of his starting points is: transportation and communication are the two primary needs in such times. The UN and another firm pretty much handle air transport (and nearly every relief worker owns a satellite phone), but there are no disaster-aid ISPs.

--Rachel Holmen

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