Monday, October 13, 2008

It looked like all of Marin County was burning

I was out in Lafayette last night, quilting, and when I drove west through the tunnel, I was stunned to see what looked like most of southern Marin County on fire.

After listening to the radio for awhile, I learned that Angel Island was on fire. The whole island's only about 250 acres, so I'm worried it will all burn. There is a campground on the site, and wild deer (the original deer arrived by swimming across the bay from the mainland), and presumably a lot of other wildlife, so a big fire would be devastating.

Here's the shaky picture I got from my trusty Minolta camera, shot from near the highway 24 tunnel:

Wire-and-gem jewelry

My friend at work, Jodi-Lee, creates beautiful necklaces. She's been kind enough to show me her technique. Her website is

I particularly like her amethyst creations, and she's done stunning work with pearls and copper.