Thursday, January 26, 2012

MacWorld 2012, Day 1

Busses in San Francisco can be crowded, which means there is a risk of pickpockets. Recently, a man on a VERY CROWDED bus was listening to his iPhone, which was safely tucked inside his backpack.  A thief reached into the backpack to steal the phone, and quickly drew his hand out, empty -- the man also had a chihuahua in his backpack, and the dog had nipped the thief!

According to iKeep (, two million iPhones are lost or stolen every year.  They have devised a solution:  tether it securely.  Their gadget clips to, say, a belt loop, and an extension cable clicks to your iPhone or iPod.  The cable moves freely to let you access your device, but it Will Not Let Go until you press the release button.  If you're just absentminded, the iKeep makes sure you have your iPhone with you, and if someone else tries to grab it, they're gonna have trouble.

So… if you don't have a chihuahua, you might want to get an iKeep!

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D. said...

Hmmmm...and I certainly don't have a chihuahua.

Scorpions are probably overkill, though.