Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Go, George Henne! NS Basic 7 beta released

For Palm PDA geeks, NS Basic is a solid programming environment. The company is run by George Henne, a Canadian who stands behind his product. My email told me today that the version 7 beta is now available for testing, so I'll have to check it out. I've already written a time-card program and program that does the calculations that quiltmakers always seemd to need, using an older version. I'll have to try and port them to the new version.

Another plus: there is a clear, understandable book on how to USE this programming language, written by Michael Verive who also gives free tech support online (go, Michael!!) in the user forum at the NS Basic site.

Here's the link: NS Basic dot com slash Palm.

Now, there is ONE thing you must understand: the software which creates the applications runs on a Windows PC. But the applications run on a Palm PDA. (Henne also offers versions for other platforms, including various cell phones and SOON...iPHONE!!!)

-- Rachel Holmen

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