Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blue AC Transit tunnel

The four views are: Approaching the tunnel from the SOMA side; Looking up into the tunnel ceiling; Inside the tunnel, looking east; Looking south.

The AC Transit Building in San Francisco (sometimes known as the East Bay Terminal) is so large it spans several cross-streets. The tunnels thus created are pretty ugly, full of dirt and pigeon droppings and...um....stuff...left by the homeless people who spend a lot of time in the terminal. So I was pleased to notice, over the past several days, a serious effort to clean up one of the sidewalks, and even some fresh paint on the adjacent pillars. Tonight, I saw what they were aiming at. All the fresh white paint reflects bright blue LED light, brightening up the whole affair. Here's how it looked around 8 pm this evening, looking towards Market on Fremont.

--Rachel Holmen

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