Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Broken ankle

I have always disliked the back doors of some buses. You have to lean hard against the handles to get the door open, and it won't STAY open unless you keep leaning on it. Very difficult to manage if you are holding any packages or luggage.

To add to these delightful doors, the city of Emeryville has decided on trendy angled curbs, as if the whole sidewalk was a short, steep driveway. So as I tried to exit from the 7:30 J bus, I fell, and then I landed on the slanted curb. I could feel bones crunch, and I held on tight to the bus door (which now decided to stay open), and stood there in intense pain. Two different tiny women offered help, but I'd have knocked them down if I had actually leaned on them. The bus roared off as soon as I let go of the door, Another young woman did help me get to a signpost, which I clung to for a while.

I realized that another bus was parked at the curb. A largish, older woman walked up to the bus, and I asked her to ask the driver of the parked 57 bus for first aid. The woman reported the parked bus had no driver.

The driver walked past me to her 57, and I asked her for help. She refused, saying I hadn't been her passenger. She said she'd seen the other bus stop, because she'd been driving behind it, but she hadn't seen me fall.

Eventually I called a couple of friends, arranged to be picked uo, and talkedto the Kaiser advice nurse.

At the moment (around 9:30 pm), my ankle is being iced and I am waiting at Kaiser Oakland for my spot in the Small Injury clinic, and a nurse has brought me dinner: half a pint of milk and 8 graham crackers.

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