Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hobby Theaters -- Card-table Sized

One fascinating store that I visited during a trip to London sold miniature theaters printed on paper, for cutting out, assembling, and using to produce your own plays. One could buy theaters, scenery, sheets of drawings of people in various costumes (with the sizes of the people scaled to match the sizes of the theaters). I could never decide which one, and hoped to return to the store, but I never did.

When I did a websearch hoping to find them, I turned up the Kannik's Korner site. They're not in London, but here in the U.S., and I immediately purchased a theater.

The Kannik site is full of interesting information; one can buy plays, see photos of the lightweight wood frames which are used behind the scenes to give structure to the paper facades, and read discussions of such topics as how to use moving wave backdrops!

For anyone hoping to wean their children away from too much television -- or with a budding actor, playwright, or drama queen in the family -- this site might be fun to explore.

-- Rachel

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