Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hard Frost, Maple Leaves, Daffodils, and A Floor Furnace

It's been very cold lately; hard frost overnight. I will try to post some pictures. Yet today when I walked from downtown Berkeley back home (after leaving my car to be repaired and my dress boots to be waterproofed), there were daffodils in bloom, and a wonderful pink magnolia.

Then I puttered around the house and waited for the PG&E serviceperson to appear. By 4:30, I phoned, but they said someone was on the way. I realized I'd better replace the porch light bulb, so I got the tall stepladder out of the garage and was just finishing up the job when Joe from PG&E arrived. He looked at my heater for a while in the basement, came up and tinkered with the thermostat, then went to his truck, put on coveralls, and went down to the basement again for a LONG time. But now I have heat!! It's an old fashioned furnace, sunk into the living room floor (in someone's stroke of genius, right behind the front door); I have spent half an hour standing on it warming up my icy hiking boots and feeling the warmth rise around me.

-- Rachel

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