Sunday, January 15, 2006

MacWorld 2006

Once you fought your way past the 40-odd booths selling iPod cases, there were still a few actual computer software and hardware companies at MacWorld.

I was particularly taken by two logos of apples done in metal (actually, of course, these are probably only DRAWINGS of metal apples).

I've posted them on Picasa, now let's see if I can add them to this message....

Two different vendors at MacWorld had visions of metal apples. This was the most detailed, a beautiful image of an armored apple, with a leaf reminiscent of a shoulder greave.
Photo by Rachel E. Holmen

And the other hardware apple, from a maker of protective cases. This one's more like a brassbound steamer trunk.
Photo by Rachel E. Holmen

Nikon has cameras that will send their photos by WiFi.
News photographers must love this!
Photo by Rachel E. Holmen

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