Friday, August 26, 2005

Two Special Exhibits -- Worth Your While

My friend Barbara Gersh and I went to the Tibet exhibit last week at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. It's only a two-block walk from the Civic Center BART stop, and Thursdays after 5 pm the admission is only $5. The Nehru-style jacket woven from peacock feathers was astounding; but mostly the exhibit is small statues and painted banners. What fascinated me was how similar some of the items, especially some jewelry, was to some Celtic pieces I've seen. The exhibit is over soon -- it only runs until September 11, and then it moves overseas.

And for three brief days, the Marin Needlework Arts Guild presents one of the major quilt shows of the Bay Area, from September 2 to 4 -- so it's Labor Day weekend, but NOT Labor Day itself.

Click here to see more details about the show.

-- Rachel

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